Who are we

Our mission is to share happiness and creativity to everyone

Our Company Values

Sharing is Caring

A night out with friends, meeting new people, our team spirit, and our social engagement.

Happiness is Key

Nurturing a general positive attitude, keeping the spirits high and bright, and being proud of results.

Creativity is Contagious

Expressing and inspiring talent, imagining new artwork, and surmounting challenges.


Our Social Engagement

Our mission is to share happiness and creativity by popularizing the joy in painting and developing new resources for our artists. We also wish to engage in social projects by offering our sessions to marginalized groups such as youth in precarious situations.


Driven by his passion for painting and an irrepressible spirit of entrepreneurship, Julien Chavanne created Happy Paint Paris in 2017, backed by a group of equally passionate and enthusiastic artists.

Our mission is to implant Happy Paint all over France and create a community of freelance artists and entrepreneurs, utilizing each and everyone’s talents and competence to build a strong foundation.

Our Artists

Brimming with passion and eager to share happiness, our collaborators are capable of letting your own inner artist shine. With the help of our network, they are able to develop Happy Paint every day, and share the experience in their own communities. We thank our artists for the talent they bring as well as the sincere smiles they wear in all of our soirées.